marketing campaigns that deliver

a connected, relevant and engaging experience.

Bespoke marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are the perfect way to reach your customers, clients, and leads. They can be the game-changing move that secures meetings with potential clients. Producing campaigns with a series of touch points will grab someone’s attention better than a single advertisement. You need to break through the clutter when promoting yourself, and marketing campaigns can do that for you.

If you add incentives or a ‘call to action’ to the campaign, you’d have options to follow up, allowing you to explain your services and promote your brand even further. This makes marketing campaigns an important piece of any B2B sales strategy. It’s helpful whether you’re keeping in contact with current clients or finding new leads. Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy, but with the right amount of magic to grab a customer’s attention, you can do just that.

Many businesses have discovered that independent campaigns across email, social, mobile, web and other channels don’t deliver. Your clients expect consistent, fluid and seamless experiences. With the right marketing campaign, your audience receives a connected, relevant and engaging experience.

In brief, marketing campaign management is the planning, execution, tracking and analysis of direct marketing campaigns.

What's included in a marketing campaign?

Depending on the product or service, the marketing plan for a campaign normally covers a variety of channels. From traditional PR and print marketing to digital & social marketing, content marketing and multi media marketing to name just some.  Most campaigns start with market research and competitive analysis followed by a branding exercise.

A marketing campaign can include:

  • digital marketing
  • digital advertising
  • print advertising
  • social media posting and content creation
  • social media advertising
  • content development
  • editorials
  • website development
  • Graphic design (logos, social media images etc)
  • video
  • leaflets, flyers, pull ups, stickers and other collateral creation

My level of involvement in your project is entirely up to you, whether you need temporary campaign expertise in your existing team, help with the campaign strategy, or wish to outsource the entire campaign, I can help you. I can work from a clearly defined brief or a simple spark of inspiration.

Dutchfox works with everyone from start-ups to voluntary organisations, giving you the expertise to make you stand out from the crowd.

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