Consultancy & New image

It was through the online Wiltshire Women in Business network that I came into contact with Charlotte Howard, the owner of Capability Charlotte. Charlotte was looking to appeal to a different audience, with a view to increase the Garden Design side of her business. I worked with Charlotte and advised her to make a number of changes to her website and to introduce a new logo. Charlotte had clear ideas about the colours she wanted to use in her new logo and we kept it really clean and understated.

Charlotte’s husband created the new website for her taking on board what we had discussed and the result has been really good.

I met Nicolette through the Wiltshire Women in Business Facebook page. I was looking for ideas as to how to attract more garden design clients to my business Capability Charlotte, I wanted move the attention from the maintenance aspect. She spent a morning with me giving me a no-nonsense appraisal of my current website and made some brilliant suggestions which I am now implementing. Nicolette also designed me a sleek new logo and even suggested a new business name. I am now Capability Charlotte Gardens!  Nicolette has given my business a simple and hopefully effective re-brand.


Brand design & publication design go hand-in-hand

It has been a pleasure to be working with Charlotte again, as she decided to rekindle her garden design business

Following on from the initial work I did to design her a brand new look and logo earlier this year, Charlotte has now added new business cards, advertising postcards and gift vouchers to her stationery cupboard.

It was a really great project to deliver for her. We conquered some printing bumps along the way and Charlotte is over the moon with the end result.

To help Charlotte get a fully branded up work-van, I worked with a local decal specialist who delivered a great job!

Nicolette has skillfully used all my own photos to create a spectrum of colours. She also organised the printing of all the collateral and advised on which quality paper / stock to use, to create the best impact. I am thrilled!
Charlotte Howard
Capability Charlotte Gardens