New logos and branding alignment for 'Nurture You' business

Bringing 2 businesses under 1 roof

Sally, who has been running her Mobile Beauty business for many years, decided to diversify during 2021 as a Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Tree Babies instructor.  Sally still wanted to keep her Beauty business alongside and felt it was the right thing to do to bring them under 1 umbrella, ‘Nurture You’. 

Nurture You Grow Baby & Nurture You Beauty.

Keeping some of the aspect of the old Beauty business’ logo and incorporating some new details in the Baby nurturing logo, has helped giving both businesses their own identity but with a strong link between them.

As the new Baby nurturing business is the main focus, a new page has been added to the main website with the Beauty price list. This took away the need for 2 separate websites, which, in turn, keeps the costs down.