“Design is thinking made visual.”

Saul Bass

Publications are an important part of your Brand image

Keeping it all in-line

Very often, some of the deliverables of a marketing campaign can be a selection of printed publications. Whether that’s a leaflet, flyer, poster, postcard, business card, advert or booklet, they all answer certain marketing requirements for a business.

Although I wouldn’t sell myself in anyway as a graphic artist, I am however a specialist in publication design.

Having this skill in-house means it will keep the cost down considerably for the client and I can offer a very quick turnaround.

All my design work includes unlimited revisions, so I will work on the layout until the client is happy with it. This gives the guarantee of having a design the client likes 100%.

Although most of the work I deliver is part of a client’s marketing campaign project, If you would like to discuss your publications design requirements as a stand-alone project, please contact me for a quote.